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Sunday, November 26, 2006

INVENTION: Stop Baby's Cry
Colored pencil
I doodled this with a silly inspiration from Rube Goldberg's Inventions (his are funny and amazing). Mom's resting baby starts to cry A: shes pulls string attached to her toe and cats tail; B: cat crys and wakes dog; C: dog barks and pulls string attached from his collar to baby's swing; D: string restarts swing.

INVENTION: Mother's Helper
Colored Pencil

Rocks the baby, Washes and Dries the clothes, Cleans the toilet, Rakes the garden, Walks the dog, Cooks the breakfast, and Vacuums the floor.

I guess I was feeling unusually lazy (although I don't really have a baby or a dog). I'd settle for the toilet cleaner alone.

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