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Sunday, September 02, 2007

ALPHABET: Conversation
Acrylic and charcoal on paper
Been a while since I posted, been under the weather.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry to hear u been down hope ur feeling better. nice work here. like ur colors and characters: michael dailey

6:12 PM  
Blogger demonpack said...

love your lettering and their expressions.

6:35 PM  
Blogger steve said...

This is all around great work Jo. I like the way the girl to the right is leaning--way cool!

2:17 PM  
Blogger platinum blonde said...

this is a funny/cute illo...great characters.

7:01 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Nice illo. You have a very appealing style. Nice work!

4:47 AM  
Blogger Diane Duda said...

well, your artwork hasn't suffered! looks great!
hope you are feeling better, jo.


6:53 PM  
Blogger Michelle Lana said...

so cute, these characters are adorable jo. thanks for stopping by! i've missed you guys in IF....
See you later...

6:11 PM  
Blogger Emila Yusof said...

your girls are so adorable! Great illo Jo!

6:47 PM  
Blogger ValGalArt said...

i love this! hope yer feeling better jo!

6:49 PM  

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